Wednesday, February 19, 2020

So what we did today was make a food preservation this is my work thank you

Thursday, February 13, 2020

sport commitment

Today we did a slide show about commitment in sports .so what we did was did a slide show we did some ideas about it first and we pick some ideas to talk about and we would put in to animation so people can show them to others . our project we did was to make people feel good and in what they did in sport and what they can do better next time. we did some questions on how we can show commitment in sport and what we can do  to show it.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tangata Whenua

The Maori people arrived from Hawaiki which is an  Island that is above the Pacific Islands and how they arrived to New Zealand was using the waka to get their. Before they could even leave their place they had to take some taro,kumara and paper mulbeny . Before the Maori people could even arrive their were people already living their and that group of people living their were called the Morioris. They had three thing that they could not do which was. Eating other people , Go hunting for moa's and fish and Their were evidence that the Morioris were still alive. So the Maoir people's could not prove that they could that they descended the Morioris because they are still alive until today. On the New Zealand Island their were big birds called moa's and they also become extinct because when the Maori people came to New Zealand they used they moa's as food , hook's and for clothes. when they got their the Maori people choose to settle in different place because they need sea food or maybe to make ropes or like they need wood for their houses they needed to build on the hill's to keep them safe from other people trying to attack them or harm them.

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Life on Mars / Martian Movie ( 2015)

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Tongan Tradition

Tongan Tradition

What we do for christmas is wake up and take tea and  cookies to the other houses. We do that because we want to show our love to everyone. Later we would go and get changed to go to church. why we go to church is because so we can do our prayer so our god knows that we believe in him and he can bless us. Afterwards we would go home and make a fesat for the family to come and eat and for the speical people in the family.Before they come we set the table and and put the fork and spoon on table or the sometimes can use their hands to eat. Sometimes for our christmas in New zealand is opening presnt but for the real Tongans they don't have presnt because we are thankful for our family with us.Sometimes they always think can't have something over their family because if something elsa is speical then family then the fanily might think that person doesn't need them anymore. So they can kind of over think it and they stop loving that person.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

To Emma

Hi my name is Loloma I go to hornby high school and  I have register the summer learning so I can make my brain work faster and make my learning easier. I have joined because I want to do more blogging and not be lazy at home doing nothing so I decided to join and make life easier.I am looking forward to making changes and making my family proud of me and win prizes.

What is so interesting about the summer learning is that you get to know things that you haven't learned before and make new changes.I also like to do more learning so maybe next year I can do more blogging and do great in my blogging so my family can see them and maybe join the summer learning.

what I would like to achive is my learning and writing and to making things easier for me to do and making sure I am doing enough blogging for the hoildays.


Monday, November 11, 2019

Hurumanu Rules

In order to be successful in Hurumanu every Monday and Thursday I must....

  • Get changed and interval 

  • Be prepared to learn by having ;gear/chrome books/ cared attitude,

  • Give 100 percent effort in class even if I struggle with topic/content

  • Remember and Implement the CARR valves